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9/11 Memorial & Museum Nationwide Run/Walk

April 25, 2021

Run/Walk Program FAQs

What are the plans for April 25?
What is the 20,000 Mile Challenge and how can I be part of it?
Do I only need to run/walk on April 25?
Is there a specific run/walk route for April 25?
How do I track my miles that I will run/walk on April 25?
Is there a Strava group?
Do I have to pay a fee to participate?
Is there a fundraising incentive program?
Who should I contact if I am interested in sponsoring the 2021 9/11 Memorial & Museum Nationwide Run/Walk?
If I have questions regarding registration or fundraising who should I contact?

Registration FAQs

How do I create or join a team?
Do I have to register by a certain date or time?
Can I register other people?
Can I register for the Nationwide Run/Walk if I live outside of the United States?

Fundraising FAQs

How quickly can I expect an online donation to post to my fundraising page
A donor is requesting a tax ID. What is that and how can I get it?
Can I enter a check online?
Not all of my donors are showing up in the Honor Roll. Why?
Where can I find a list of the people who have donated to me?
How can I send a thank you email to my donors?
Where does my money go when I donate?
How long can I continue fundraising after the event date?

Donate FAQs

What is a matching gift, and how do I find out if my company has this program?
Can I make a donation to a team?
Where should people send checks and who should they be made out to?
Who should I make my check out to?
How do I find a participant's personal fundraising webpage?
How quickly can I expect an online donation to post to a participant's fundraising account?
What happens if I check the checkbox to "cover processing fees"?
Are donations tax-deductible?
Do all donors who mail their donations receive a receipt?
Do all donors who contribute online receive a receipt?

Website FAQs

What is my personal page URL?
Can a donor add a dedication message that appears in my fundraising honor roll?