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Matt Lewis

Matt Lewis

Welcome to my fundraising page for the 9/11 Memorial & Museum Nationwide Run/Walk.

Dylan and I are going to join the 9/11 Memorial Nationwide Run/Walk and raise money for the 9/11 Museum on this 20th anniversary of the day of infamy. We are hoping one day to do this in person up in NYC, but in the meantime, having opened this up virtually will allow us to do this remotely, which is very exciting.

It is so difficult to fathom that 20 years have passed since 9/11. With Dylan having taken a particular interest in 9/11, it has become far more crystallized in my mind of the importance of ensuring that this extraordinary museum and memorial remains fully funded - with an eye to this generation, and future generations, never forgetting.

The national goal is to collectively run and walk 20,000 miles for the 20th anniversary as we remember all those killed on 9/11 and honor the courageous first responders who ran to save others. Dylan and I will do our best to do a good 50% of that by ourselves on April 25th, but if we should fall short of that, I think we will still have support in droves.

With the pandemic, there is tragedy of an even more enormous scale continuing to unfold in real time and there are certainly many very important associated causes to fund at this point in time. But even a couple of bucks would go a long way to ensuring the long-term viability of this museum and its mission and we would be so appreciative.

Quoth Bartles and Jaymes: thank you for your support! We will keep you updated on our progress: for the right donations, we might even CONSIDER wearing Flyers gear while walking (all the better for getting properly dirty, obvs).


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